Case studies
Networked Sage accounts
Our first Sage installation as add IT up was for a company requiring a networked accounting, Stock and Order Processing system. We provided and installed the Sage Line 50 software, and then completed a project plan including data transfer from the previous system, tailoring document layouts, system configuration and training for all users. Further help has been provided over the last 12 months including writing bespoke reports and version upgrades.
Forecasting and ongoing support 
We provide ongoing support not only for the Sage Line 50 software, but also Sage Financial Forecasting. With 10 departments, the forecasts are extremely complex, and are used to provide monthly vs actual reports for each department and the company as a whole. We originally installed the Sage software approximately 3 years ago, and have recently upgraded the system to Sage v11 to take advantage of the latest links with Microsoft Excel.
Multi-user payroll
We were referred to Church & Co Footwear as providers of Sage Payroll software. They were looking for a replacement system for the DOS software they were using. We won the installation against two other systems to provide software, support, data transfer and training for a networked Sage Payroll Professional system for over 250 employees.
Charity accounting
A charity, together with a trading company, Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs required a new accounting system to replace their bespoke system which had reached the end of its life cycle. We spent some time reviewing both Sage Line 50 and Access Dimensions Lite, all with no obligation and recommended Access Dimensions Lite. In April 2004, we implemented a 5-user system to coincide with the year end and new server and workstations. Time was spent setting up the system to account for the different departmental analysis required, together with on-site training for the system users. We have spent further time designing specialised document layouts for invoices and booking confirmation forms to the company requirements, and are now providing ongoing telephone and on-site support as required.
Future proof upgrade path
FDAS Ltd is a brand new company looking to install an accounts system to meet their needs now and for the foreseeable future. After reviewing both Sage Line 50 and Access Accounts, the company chose to install Access Accounts for its easy upgrade path and extra analysis available, even though the Managing Director has been using Sage Line 50 for the last 3 years in another company. We installed and completed training in December 2004.

'Having been used to Sage from previous businesses we thought we might be going a bit out on a limb with Access. Now we are a year down the line I can safely say that we made a very wise choice (with your help).

Thanks also for the training that helped to make sure we set things up correctly. It enabled us to present proper management accounts at our first board meeting (just two weeks after the company started trading). That level of professionalism gave us a great boost in the eyes of our investors as we could prove that we had 'hit the ground running'.

Access is more flexible and user automatically have a higher level of corporate governance....'
Trevor Ray PhD, CEO
Project costing and accounting
We have three clients using database systems we have written for timesheets and project costing. The systems are networked with up to 20 users processing their own timesheet on their own PC. The client information is linked to the Sage Line 50 software, so invoices produced can be allocated against time recorded and profits/losses written off. Many reports are included including individual project WIP, Summary WIP, Staff utilisation and analysis of non-chargeable time. Letters and mailshots can also be produced automatically from the database and are saved against the clients record for later retrieval. As a future upgrade, we are planning to incorporate billing into the database for all authorised users and replacing Sage with Access accounts. The invoices will then be automatically transferred into the accounts system to reduce duplication of entry, eliminate errors and save time.
Financial services and client management
Our largest project over the last year has been with an existing client to completely re-write their database system. Making the best use of Microsoft SQLServer technology, we have re-written their existing database to increase speed of access, dramatically reduce the risk of data corruption inherent with Microsoft Access databases and allow more users. In development for 12 months, the FMS system provides all the functionality the company requires, tracking mortgage and insurance applications, providing reminders for action, ample management information, producing letters and emails, flagging reviews and tracking compliance issues. We have also been working with a web design company to make vital reports and information available on a secure website to the company's consultants. At the same time, we upgraded the existing Sage accounts system to Access Dimensions Lite. This provided much more flexibility in terms of analysis, but importantly allows us to transfer accounts transactions from the FMS database directly into the Access Accounts software cashbook.
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