How we can help you
We aim to develop a partnership with our customers, understand their priorities and their needs, and use our skills and knowledge to help develop practical solutions. We build relationships based on trust and the quality of our work.

We will spend time to investigate with you to ensure the software that we propose will achieve all your business objectives, and are committed to achieving a positive outcome with value for money. We see each project as unique.

At the outset of each implementation project we will meet with your managers to agree the objectives of the system, the required reports/information and the timescale. We will then put together a detailed, costed proposal, which if accepted, will become the contract.

We liase throughout the implementation with your managers, in order to ensure that work is proceding to plan, or any deviation is fully agreed.

Our prices are competitive and represent value for money. Each project is individually priced, based on the software price if applicable with an agreed number of days training and consultancy.
For discussion and detailed software options and costing, please contact
Satty Adams on 07717 677 667
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