Dimensions is a fully-featured business and financials solution for large companies. It can be deployed over local or wide area networks and will bring the best available functionality to every area of your organisation.

Built around Microsoft's full SQL Server database, its "open-architecture" and huge capacity enables integration with any number of other business applications - while maintaining excellent data processing speeds and superior levels of security (user privileges can be granted or declined down to individual functions).

Dimensions offers over 35 fully integrated multi-currency and multi-language modules, all of which can be configured to your precise business needs. Full e-business facilities are available, including B2B, B2C, eBIS XML transactions, web site integration and secure, remote operation (see Dimensions.NET).

This is the definitive back-office solution for enterprises with high transaction volumes, large user numbers and complex operational requirements.

Click here for a more details of the modules available.
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