Foundations XP is an award-winning entry level accounts system for small companies. It combines the best in accounting functionality with complete ease of use and an extremely competitive pricing structure.

All the complexities of double-entry accounting are taken care of by the system, which can include up to 25 fully integrated modules. These are available in five different packages to match your style of business and your budget. This means you can start small and add functionality as your business grows.

With its exceptional ease of use, great flexibility and simple upgrades, this is the ideal solution to new and growing companies.

'Having been used to Sage from previous businesses we thought we might be going a bit out on a limb with Access. Now we are a year down the line I can safely say that we made a very wise choice (with your help).

Thanks also for the training that helped to make sure we set things up correctly. It enabled us to present proper management accounts at our first board meeting (just two weeks after the company started trading). That level of professionalism gave us a great boost in the eyes of our investors as we could prove that we had 'hit the ground running'.

Access is more flexible and user automatically have a higher level of corporate governance....'
Trevor Ray PhD, CEO
Foundations XP Business 
Foundations XP Business provides everything you need to manage your business successfully. It will enable you to maintain your customer and supplier accounts, to monitor your petty cash and to stay on top of your bank balances.

Instant access to your bank balances is complemented by an effortless "Point & Click" reconciliation system, guaranteed to save you hours of administration.

You can view all your key information at a glance, or quickly compile it into meaningful management reports (including Profit & Loss) for more detailed analysis of business performance.

Modules included:Sales ledger, Purchase ledger, Nominal ledger, Cash Book, Ad-Hoc Reports, Microsoft Office Add-Ins, Microsoft XP Smart Tags

Foundations XP Trading
Foundations XP Trading introduces a number of options for flexible invoicing.

It produces invoices that are suited to all types (and combinations) of products and services. Invoice layouts and overall design can be tailored to your specific requirements.

On-screen price lists greatly reduce the time taken to complete this task. An unlimited number of records are provided for holding details of regular additions to your invoices, such as call out charges and delivery fees.

Modules included:As for Foundations XP Business, plus... Invoicing, Price Record, Access Crystal Design
Foundations XP Operations
FoundationsXP Operations is designed to give you complete control over even more areas of your business.

Use it to run marketing campaigns direct from your Sales Ledger and to improve your Customer Relationship Management.

Quotations can be raised and turned into orders at the touch of a button, while managing your stock levels for maximum profitability is just as easy.

Chasing payments is no longer a laborious process, as the system provides a single, user-friendly screen with all the relevant information.

Modules included:As for Foundations XP Trading, plus... Stock Control, Sales Order Processing, Prospect Manager, Credit Control, Price Matrix
Foundations XP Network
FoundationsXP Network enables you to share your workload with all the people in your company.

The software can be installed on every machine in your company. As many as three people can carry out the same or multiple tasks concurrently, such as raising orders or posting transactions while running a variety of reports.

Modules included:As for Foundations XP Operations, plus... Adds up to three concurrent users
Foundations XP Premier
Foundations XP Premier provides an unlimited number of currencies for international trading.

All the complexities of calculating and accounting for exchange differences are handled automatically by the system - leaving you free to concentrate on selling to a global market.

Foundations XP Premier is the only small business solution to provide this advanced level of multi-currency functionality and detailed multi-currency reporting.

Modules included:As for Foundations XP Network, plus... Adds Multi-Currency support
Additional modules
Payroll - Access Payroll automatically handles calculations for every combination of pay type, deduction type and pay frequency, saving you hours in payslip preparation. Have the utmost confidence in the speed and accuracy of your payroll processing, especially at Year End.
Costing - Take advantage of Access Costing to ensure that all of your projects are profitable and on schedule. Time sheets can also be used to allocate staff and resources to individual projects.
Purchase Order Processing - The Access Purchase Orders module provides a structured system for all your procurement needs. It regulates and simplifies internal procedures and enables you to closely monitor expenditure.
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