Dimensions Lite is an advanced business system for medium-sized companies. It can be deployed over local and wide-area networks and provides the UK's most cost-effective entry point into Client/Server accounting technology. .

There are two database options for this solution: full SQL Server or Microsoft's free SQL Server system, MSDE. Both deliver a huge leap in security, processing speed and capacity over proprietary databases, without a corresponding increase in price. Companies with 5 concurrent users or less can gain additional cost savings by choosing MSDE.

Dimensions Lite offers over 35 fully integrated multi-currency modules, all of which can be configured to your precise business needs. Full e-business facilities are available, including B2B, B2C, eBIS XML transactions, web site integration and remote operation.

Dimensions Lite bridges the technology gap between medium and large enterprises, giving you the power to compete with companies of any size.

Click here for a more details of the modules available.

Microsoft's MSDE SQL database
MSDE (Microsoft Desktop Engine) is a free version of Microsoft SQL Server - the industry standard database used by many of the world's leading companies. It differs from SQL Server in two principal ways: it is restricted to a maximum of 5 users and is supplied without Microsoft's Enterprise Manager utilities.

Access has compensated for the removal of Enterprise Manager by providing its own Administrator Module, with full facilities for datafile back-up and restore, and for configuration of users.
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